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court heard arguments whether the town's prayers are constitutional. >> i don't think that we're asking that there not be prayer. i think that we're asking for it to be inclusive. >> reporter: susan galloway, a resident who is jewish and linda stevens who is an atheist say the premeeting prayers violate their rights because they emphasize christian beliefs. >> when you're told by a pastor to stand up and bow your head and pray to jesus and you don't do that, it can be intimidating if you object. >> reporter: the town of greece argues the supreme court settled the issue 30 years ago. that ruling says opening prayer is part of the nation's fabric and not a violation of the first amendment. >> it's something we do in the senate every day before we meet and it's something that we've done for over 200 years in the capitol. >> reporter: the town's lawyer told the court people of different religions are given equal opportunity to pray. >> we can pray how we want. >> reporter: outside the court a group of atheist protesters exercised their right to free speech while a pastor led a small gro
last, you know? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> you're talking about families having to maybe decide whether we pay the light bill, all the rent and would end up facing homelessness -- and could end up facing homelessness. >> the 2009 stimulus bill keck pier which means a $5 billion cut -- bill which did expire which means a $5 billion cut in food stamps, a $36 a month cut to people in need. >>> for people just getting to sign up for insurance one month ago at healthcare.gov, some states might be reporting higher numbers. a lot of places are not. nielle nottingham has the story from washington. >> reporter: notes turned over to a congressional committee show in the 48 hours after healthcare.gov launched just 248 people successfully signed up for insurance. the white house says those numbers aren't news. >> we know and acknowledge that the website has been a problem. >> reporter: the administration also says it expected low numbers in the beginning and a surge closer to the march 31st deadline, but frustration with the affordable care act goes beyond the website for
don't think there should be a name change. >> i didn't even know the redskins was a racist name till this was brought to attention. >> they're not winning many games and neither city was going to change the name, so maybe it's time to change the name. >> reporter: besides the team's 3-6 record. >> don't get me started. >> reporter: loudoun county and dan snyder see a name change as a losing battle. in loudoun county surae chinn, wusa9. >>> two new candidate have thrown their names into the d.c. mayor's race but incumbent mayor vincent gray not one of them. councilman vincent orange picked up a nominating petition today. so did busboy's owner andy shalall. tommy wells is also running. the democratic primary is april 1st. >>> there's startling new figures out about tax refund fraud. the irs paid out $3.6 billion in fraudulent tax returns to identity thieves last year. the numbers are down from the more than $5 billion paid out the year before. those scammers typically use stolen names and social security numbers to file false electronic tax forms for refunds. >> plenty of stories abo
as the transportation director at the council of government. the police chief said they don't think that there is a crazed gunman on out there, but they would not call it targeted. they've taken out search warrants, but they have no person of interest yet. and that someone was killed in their home. families, they are investigated as well in terms of strangers and possibilities as well. he contributed so much. i mean the bridge and the metro rail funding, that none of those things would have happened. >> reporter: the shooting death is quite the mystery. and another strange thing about this. when the shots were fired, it seems like few, if any of the neighbors heard them. on monday he called it an ano , ma'am lee. asking people that may have had some information or may have seen something unusual to come forward as the phone number is 703-746-6711. i'm peggy fox reporting live from alexandria. wusa9.com. >>> we fumbled the rollout. >> under pressure from the angry voters. president obama is now making a change to the affordable care act. if you like your current plan, you can keep it
the weather center. it will be even colder tonight, right? ingly don't right. >> i don't know if i do the happy dances for the cold weather. first time national got down to 32. we were in the 20s in the suburbs, but that happened several times so far this season. officially, 32 at national. we had a 25-degree reading at dulles. 28 out toward leesburg this morning. 28 in frederic. and i think you take about 2 to 5 degrees off of these temperatures. right now, 37 gaithersburg. 43 in manassas. 42 downtown. already 39 up in baltimore. what does it feel like? 39 downtown. feels like it's in the mid 30s in the suburbs. and about 37 in manassas. where it's really cold, oakland. feels like it's 11. davis feels like it's 7. so for tonight, clear skies, colder. 22 to 32. winds will kick out of the southwest at 10. we'll come back and talk about the significance of those southwest winds. >> all right, topper, thank you. right now, a jury is deliberating the case against an air force officer accused of groping a woman outside a crystal city bar. the irony, lieutenant journal once led the bran's
minded. >> i don't pay attention. >> we can vote now? >> yeah, you can vote. >> surprise you that i interviewed young people today and they were unaware you are their mayor? >> that would not surprise me. >> the mayor voted along with the council here to lower the voting age for municipal elections to 16. >> and the thing that won me over was talking about the age at which you start and where you are and when you are 16 and 17, you are much more likely to be living at home with your parents in a place that you grew up in that you are familiar with. you are part of the community. you know some of the issues. >> about 90, 16 and 17-year- olds have registered since takoma park lowered the age in may. >> i just generally tend to think that the average 16 and 17-year-old is not interested in community affairs. it's tough enough to get mature adults to pay attention to that stuff. >> takoma park suffers from a serious turnout problem. 20% is considered high and tomorrow with everyone running unopposed, they will be lucky if they get 1,000 of the city's 18,000 residents to come out
knew the suspects. >> what we know at this point is at least three males entered the house. we don't know if there were more involved in this crime or not, but at least three males entered the house. there was some type of dispute, a slight struggle right before the gunshot occurred. >> the victim has now been identified as alexander bowie of grenoble drive. he was 34. >>> some red line commuters probably wished they stayed in bed. there was a fluid leak near a piece of track equipment near union station. trains single tracked during the morning rush hour. the platforms and trains were packed. >>> one person dead tonight after flames tear through a townhome in alexandria in the middle of the night. it took firefighters about an hour to bring that fire under control. now police are not releasing the victim's name, but we do know it was an adult man who died. of course, firefighters are still investigating. >>> a bill the late senator ted kennedy introduced almost two decades ago finally got a vote today. >> as danielle nottingham explains, the measure extends anti-discrimination wor
's in the 20s to 30s. feels like it's 30 in frederic and 31 in manassas. so, you're headed out, don't just think about the temperatures, but the windchills. that's why we say hat and gloves is a good idea. so for tonight, breezy and cold, windchills in the 30s. we'll come back. we'll tell you how long this arctic air is going to last and look ahead to the seven-day outlook. >> the pictures out of the philippines are just devastating. right now, we are learning from the state department that two americans were killed by typhoon hyan. the official death toll is close to 2,000 and rising. more than 600,000 homeless after the typhoon wiped out cities. residents are getting desperate. one woman says that rescuers have not been back in days. meanwhile, aide workers in the philippines are struggling to reach those victims. the death toll could skyrocket. teresa garcia reports from los angeles where the philippine community is trying to help. >> reporter: survivors plead for food and water and wait for help. the typhoon destroyed the area leaving more than 600,000 people homeless. >> it's so h
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